We've absolutely loved having Virgin Active available for you to visit as a MoveGB activity provider over the years, and we hope to continue working with them in some way in the future. Due to an upcoming change in our current relationship (from the 1st December) Virgin Active will not be accepting any new Movers, and will not show on our website or app.

Why is this change happening?

As the UK's fastest growing fitness network we're working hard to evolve the partnerships we have with all providers. We want to ensure that all partnerships are scalable so we can offer access to the largest number of Movers possible. Due to ongoing work on this, VA will not be taking any new membership requests from Movers at this time, but we really hope to have them available again in the future.

But I love attending Virgin Active on my Move membership?

Great! You can still do this 😊
Virgin Active will not be making any changes to any existing Move memberships, they just won't accept any new membership requests from the 1st December 2018. 

Please see below for some important FAQ's about this and if the answer you're looking for is missing just get in touch!


Q: How do I access Virgin Active if I don't already have access?
A: That's great to hear! All you need to do is upgrade to the correct plan to access Virgin Active and then follow the instructions on attending. For most clubs you will need to attend 3 times, where you will then be asked to request an Access Card. As long as this is done by the 30th November 2018, you'll have access! 

Q: What happens if I deactivate my MoveGB membership?
A: If you deactivate your MoveGB membership, your Virgin Active card gets cancelled. Once your card is cancelled we cannot reverse this and you will have lost access to Virgin Active through Move. 

Q: What if I want to freeze my Move account instead of deactivating?
Brilliant! Freezing your account is a great way to keep your plan and current access. Your Virgin Active membership will be frozen too, so you can come back to it when you're ready. Check out our short term and long term freezes for more info!

Q: What happens if I keep my Move membership, but stop attending Virgin Active?
If you are not using your Virgin Active card, you will receive an email to say your membership card will be cancelled if you do not use it. To keep it active, simply get active and attend! 💪

Q: If my Virgin Active card gets cancelled because I've not used it, can I get my access back?
Nope! Sorry 😕 We want to help you keep active, but cannot pay for unused memberships! We will give you fair warning if your card is at risk of being cancelled. If you're not able to use it for a while let us know, and we can help you with freezing your account.

Q: I am on a trial with MoveGB and wanted to try Virgin, can I still do this?
Yep! You can do this up until the the 30th November. However, if you want to continue attending through Move, you must upgrade to a full membership and request your Virgin Active membership card by the 30th November at the latest. 

Q: I want access to other Virgin Active's through my Move membership - is this still possible?
When you first request a membership card, this Virgin Active branch will be your 'home gym'. If you want to attend others this is possible, but you must let us know by the 30th November at the latest. 

Q: What if I have a friend or family member that wants to join?
Great! The more the merrier, and everyone loves a gym buddy 👯 Get them to sign up to Move and request their membership card by the 30th November at the very latest!

Q: Is there any leeway on the last date they accept new movers?
Nope! The 30th November is the very last day you can request a membership card if you haven't already. If you contact us after this date we cannot get you a membership card. Sorry!

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