Certain venues will allow you to book further in advance than the current week. This all depends on what the venues themselves have set as their booking window.

When searching for an activity that you'd like to book for the future, click on the actual activity itself, rather than the normal 'Book'.

Now that you're on the activities page, you'll see there is a drop down menu option on the left hand side of the page:

Select the date in advance that you would like to book for and select 'Book It For Me'! 

Q. What if I'm not finding the option to book for next week or the following week? 

A. This would be because that venue probably hasn't opened up their booking window that far, but even then.. we'll send you an email reminder when the booking window has opened! 

If you're unsure, do get in touch with our super friendly team who is ready and eager to help! 

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