Why not try something new with a friend, family member or work colleague?!

All you need to do is open up the MoveGB app and look out for the new purple buddy+ icon in your 'Activity Search' 

When you see this symbol in your timetable, it means that you can now invite a friend along to try out this activity with you.... for FREE!

In the activity, simply click the new Bring a Friend for FREE + button. Pick a lucky friend in your favourite chat app and send them the special link and a quick message. 

What's not to love?!

. Why can't I find this feature?
A. This feature can be found in the App Release Version 2.10.1 and later. To check which version you have - look at the bottom of the left menu.

Bringing a friend for free is only available for certain activities so keep searching until you see the purple buddy+ icon in your 'Activity Search' 

Q. Can I invite a friend who already has a MoveGB account?
A. Yes, absolutely!  You can invite friends that are already MoveGB members as well as those who aren't!

Q. Does my friend have to accept the invite?
A. Yes, they do! They accept the invite by making the booking otherwise they won't have a space on the session.

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