Most activities that can be booked with your membership can be done through your Activity Search on your online account or your MoveGB app BUT there are a few venues that require you to book on their own website.

Places like this include Vivo Sports and Breathe Bristol and it's super easy to do. When going to book the activity, you will be prompted to follow the link over to their website where you can reserve a space.

Simply follow the URL to their website, book in for your desired class. Here are a couple examples of our most popular venues below!

Vivo Sports
Booking MUST be done in advance at Vivo's Click "Join Now" and select the MoveGB option. Then follow the instructions to set up your account. Once that is done, you must then book the class that you want to attend.

Breathe Bristol
Bookings MUST be done in advance at Breathe Bristol’s website...
Scroll down to the timetable and click 'Book now! You'll then need to select the class you wish to attend and create an online account. 

Please ensure that you put MoveGB as your 'method of payment' before book

Pure Gym
Not to worry, we've got a separate article that will help you get booked in for Pure Gym activities here

Q. How will I know which venues/activities require this?
A. Your activity search will always let you know when and how to do this, just follow the link provided!

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