Rather than making you call your fitness venues and go through the pain of waiting on hold or trying to get through when there's no answer, our concierge team is here to do this for you!

Once you have requested your booking but it will appear in your page as 'Pending' until we are able to make contact with the staff at the venue and confirm your booking as booked or declined in the unfortunate event that the class is full.

We work to contact the venues as soon as possible and can usually make a phone call to the centre within 15 minutes. 

If your booking is taking longer than this to confirm then please be patient as it may be just proving a little bit difficult to reach somebody at the centre (but at least we are there trying over and over so that you don't have to!) 

If you find that this process is taking too long and you need to be able to make other plans then just click the button that says cancel to cancel your pending booking. 

If you change your mind and do not cancel this booking and it gets accepted but then as long as it is before 24 hours before the class start time you will still be able to cancel this booking in your Favourites/Reservations OR in the app, your 'Bookings' tab.

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