Getting active once per day is easily enough to keep your fitness at an optimal level so this frequency will be supported by the cost of your Unlimited Memberships where your first 7 activities each week are included in your monthly membership fee. This is counted Monday to Sunday.

What if I want to go more?

If you want to treat yourself to more than seven activities each week with your MoveGB Membership then that's fine! Your Move Membership will benefit you by providing you with discounted access off of everything else you attend after your 7th session.

If you are reaching this highly active level then we want to hear from you and help to share your story with your Move community!

Visiting more than 7 times a week often?

If you are comparing the cost of MoveGB access to the cost of unlimited access with a single gym membership then remember, the value of a Move Membership is found in accessing a range of activities. You have the freedom to do so at any time, even with a couple of extra workouts this is still cheaper than paying for multiple memberships directly with different gyms!

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