The best way to still be a member of MoveGB when your fitness regime is either unpredictable, ranges in frequency OR you'd like to just attend the odd session as a one-off is to opt in or the MoveGB Alumni Plan! 

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The Alumni Plan or what we often refer to as the 'On the Bench Membership' is a fantastic option if you'd still like to attend activities through Move and receive some massive savings for the entire year without having regular membership payments. This keeps you involved with the flexibility, variety and ease or working out that a MoveGB membership provides at a very low cost!

Essentially, your placed onto base rate, 'The Pay as you Move Plan' which is normally £5 per month but you only end up paying £15 up front for the whole entire year to be on this tier!

This plan doesn't include any activities or 'sessions' but you get a discounted rate off the usual drop in prices, usually around 10% off on any activities that you choose to attend. There is no need to pay at the venue, as and when you attend/book activities, the payment is taken from the card you have attached to your MoveGB account.

It can work out really well if you only attend once a week or once every 2 weeks, or if you usage is a little unpredictable from week to week!

Simply contact our team for more information about how to opt in for this special deal or follow the 'Deactivation' thread all the way through to the very last screen:

Thanks for keeping the bench warm for us! 

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