Freezing your membership for a short break costs just 18p per day which is the equivalent to £1.25/week. On your requested date you will return to all unused time - a service unique to MoveGB!
If you wish to attend an activity during this time for any reason then you still can, you'll just receive a discount off the drop in rate for activities, usually around 10% off. This will be charged to the payment method that you have linked to your MoveGB membership when you book/attend.

*You can do this up to 5 times every year so is ideal for using over breaks for holidays or the big annual intense work week!

To get this sorted before the manic packing for your trip begins, just click here to visit your account, tap deactivate membership and select 'I want to freeze my membership'.

OR if you're really in a rush, contact our team and they'd be happy to help! 

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