It's super easy to deactivate your MoveGB account. Just visit your 'Account' page and then tap the deactivate button in your settings. We require a 14 day notice period if you're not planning to use your membership the following month. 

When you're ready to start your activities again then just log back into your MoveGB app to purchase a membership.

Just want to take a break? Most people choose one of our awesome freezing options! Check them out below...

How long are you taking a break for?

Up to 3 weeks

*Most popular option = freeze your account while you're ill or on holiday. This is just £1.25/week and you save all fully paid Move credit (remaining time)

3 weeks to 3 months

**Most popular option = Temporarily deactivate your account and set a date to rejoin. This service is free and by purchasing a normal month of membership on your return you can claim back:

  • All remaining time left on your membership
  • All time SINCE YOUR LAST VISIT up to 28 days (we're really proud of this one!) 

Your unfreeze or rejoin date is never set in stone, so if you need to amend your chosen date later on just contact our team - we'll help you out!

Your membership will reactivate at around midday on the date you choose, so if you want to get active in the morning it may be worth setting your unfreeze/rejoin date a day earlier 👍

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