With the flexibility of MoveGB you can use your membership all over the UK! There are 1000s of venues offering activities through Move  and with a Move membership you can visit any of them!

To find out which venues are available, just search for activities in another location on your activity search and you'll be able to book in just the same as if it were your home city! Find an activity or venue you'd like to visit and follow the instructions on how to attend it like normal. 

On the app, you'll just need to tap on the compass at the top right corner of the search page to update the location. 

Yes, but are the venues and activities included in my plan?

Many will be, but prices to attend workouts throughout the UK vary so if it's not included in your plan then  your activity search page will let you know how much it would cost to attend OR which plan you'll need to upgrade to to get access.

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