Here are a few of the top questions people had about our new annual membership option!


 1. What happens if I am busy or injured - can I freeze/pause my membership?

Yes - all Move memberships give you complete control so you can freeze at the click of a button.

2. Can I get the deal and start it later?

Yes - just contact us once you have bought your annual plan to delay the start date. Simply call us or send us a message in your MoveGB page messenger.

3. Can I cancel if I change my mind later in the year?

Yes - Move is the most flexible fitness membership so you are paying upfront now but unlike any other 12 month fitness membership we'll actually credit back* your remaining time if you change your mind at any point! 

*The month's you've had a live membership will be charged without the discount and the rest can be refunded to you. OR you can even have your unused time re-credited as membership time and saved until later on if you choose to stay. How is that for fair!

If you don't have an annual membership offer yet then just ask us now for the rates for your region and we'll have a unique deal sent over to you while some are still available.

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