To decide which membership is best for you we use our 4 pillars to help. 

Which of these are relevant to you?


  • "I only want to attend 1 venue"

The mission of Move is to make sustainable active habits easier to keep up, not to provide a cheaper way to access a single venue than going direct, hence our plans reflect this and are just above the cost of going direct to the venue.

  • "I want to visit more than one venue"

The great news is that most of us want to use more than one venue and you get 1000's included across the UK in a Move variety plan! A Move membership is cheaper than having to pay for memberships at 2+ venues or drop in rates across multiple venues.


  • "I like to get active A LOT!"

The more active you are the more likely you are to want to mix it up. Memberships at lots of gyms can be a faff and very expensive. Wouldn't it also be great to have an app and a concierge team that helped book all your classes for you!

  • "I'm a little bit active and workout up to 3 times per week"

If you're just dipping your toes in the water so to speak and working out 1-3 times per week then you'll find Move cheaper than paying drop in charges direct if you visit even 2 times each week and you don't have to sign up to a 12 month subscription to do so!


  • "I know I will never miss my planned workout"

Wow, you must really prioritise your workouts! Maybe we should consider you for a job at Move ;) Keep it up and tell your friends if you like the variety that you get!

  • "I would like options to workout that are flexible around my lifestyle" 

Move has the widest variety of bookable classes and drop in activities under one membership in the UK. With all included in your plan, when your day/week takes an unexpected turn there is always another option. 

Concierge phone support is also available free with any membership plan if you'd like help finding a workout to fill your free time at short notice!

For Life

  • "I only plan to get fit for a short time"

If you genuinely only want to get fit for a short term goal, Move will help, but we'll do our best to convert you to wanting to stay active for life!

  • "I plan to keep active, fit and healthy for as long as possible, heck, for life!"

Yey, you're one of us! It is now proven that Movers keep active for twice as long as traditional gym goers! Nobody is perfect and statistically speaking, you WILL slip out of your habits at one time or another!

Keep Your Deal To Keep Active For Life!

Once you've chosen a plan, you can stick with it for however long you like..which we genuinely hope and try to help you achieve is fitness FOR LIFE! Remember, with the flexibility of Move you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point in time! You can also pause your membership for up to 3 months so there is no reason for you to loose the deal you started with!
We anchor your price at the cost that you sign up for until you choose to change to a different membership plan. Prices to attend venues on the Move network may vary to keep in line with the prices that the venues themselves have set.
Finally, a membership that is completely in your hands!

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