There is so much variety to choose from with Move! On your activity search page, you can filter by day, time and distance. You can also search in different locations and for specific activities or venues 👍

Activities will have different booking instructions, dependent on the venue. Click 'Book Now' to the right of each activity for more info. 

You'll then see the booking instructions:

Check In

  • This is commonly used for gym sessions, swimming, and classes that don't require you to pre-book. Simply check in for the activity on arrival and show the venue your pass! 


  • This is for classes that require you to pre-book. Dependent on the venue, some bookings will be automatically accepted or declined. Others will be a 'concierge' booking and our team will get in touch with the venue on your behalf to get you booked in. 

If you have a confirmed booking, you'll need to check in when you attend ✔ Check out how to check in below!

Check out some of our other articles below about bookings!

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