At Move we want you to feel like a VIP! We offer concierge assistance 7 days a week on classes that normally require you to call the venue to book your space.

Incase you find it difficult to get through to the receptionist we'd rather sit on hold so that you don't have to!

In short, all you need to do is choose the activity you'd like, simply tap 'Book it for me' and sit back until we notify you about your booking!

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  1. Tap 'Book it for me' on the activity in your Move page or Mobile App
  2. This booking will appear as 'Pending' on your bookings page while our team contacts the venue for you.
  3. When we have completed your booking request you'll either receive an email confirming that you have a space or letting you know that unfortunately the class was full and an offer to help you find another activity.
  4. If you get a space then your booking will change to 'Confirmed'. If you are not so fortunate and the class is full then your booking will be removed. Any additional top up fee for the activity will automatically be triggered to be refunded to your account within the next 5-10 days.

If your class starts in less than 30 - 60 mins then we'll bump your booking request up the list, but for any urgent booking enquiries feel free to call the venue direct. The contact details are displayed if you go to the venue information page.

Happy Booking!

How long does it take to confirm my booking?

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