We asked our new shareholder community for the info that they found most helpful when making their decision to invest in shares of MoveGB. Here's the top questions and answers.

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How does investing in shares work?

Move is a fast growth business right at the start of our journey. Investing now is your opportunity to own shares in the business and watch them, we all hope, grow hugely in value as we grow. 

Here’s how to best understand how it works.

1. Choose how much cash you want to invest.

2. Once you’ve made your investment, sit back and follow the journey alongside your fellow shareholders. Over time the hope is that the company succeeds in its mission and the value of your shareholding increases.

3. Once the company has increased significantly in value, we’ll be looking to create sale events, sometimes called liquidity events, at which time shareholders can choose to sell their shares. The return on investment will be relative to the % growth that the company has seen over time. 

How do I invest?

Companies can’t just accept investment from the public directly, so we’re using the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. Crowdcube are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 650205). Head to our Crowdcube web page with the link below.

If you don’t have an account with Crowdcube, you will need to create an account before you can invest, it only takes 2 minutes. 

How do I create a Crowdcube account? 

As it’s a different website, you cannot sign in with the login you use for your MoveGB account, you need to quickly create a new one. To create a Crowdcube account, just click JOIN when you land on the page. Enter a valid email address and password. Then fill out a few details including your address and date of birth.

What is the share price and how many shares will I get?

We can't say the specific share price as this is determined by the amount that is invested by the community at the time that we close this round. By investing you will receive the number of shares equal to the amount you invest and own a % shareholding in the company. As the company grows in value, your % shareholding grows in value.

How and when can I sell my shares?

As a private company you have to wait for sale events to occur for when you can sell shares. These events are when other people or institutions are wanting to buy the shares so could be listing on the public stock exchange, a sale to another business or private sales. We aim to create these events over the coming years at times shareholders can get the best returns. 

You should be investing in Move as a medium to long term investment (3- 5 years) and you should be comfortable that you can’t just decide to sell your shares at any time.

What is the return on investment?

Due to regulations on financial promotion we can’t promote any specific financial gains or state a % increase you should expect. Investors make the decision by being comfortable they believe there is lots of growth still to come. 

Move has launched so far in less than 1% of the UK market, and less than 0.01% of the global market so we are very excited by the growth opportunities ahead of us!

Professional investors have valued the business at £59m today. We plan to roll this out to all of the UK, then globally. 

Historical performance can’t be a sure prediction for the future, but if it helps, to date early investors in Move have seen up to 1900% increase in share value as Move’s valuation has grown from £2m up to £59m. 

Most investors will also have the benefit of EIS tax rebate of 30% of their investment. So this will really help increase your chance of a good return on investment. For more on EIS tax benefits see the FAQ on EIS on this page. 

How much should I invest?

People invest from as little as £10 up to £50,000 or more, but please only invest what you can afford. Fast growth startup businesses like Move have their risks to them as well as high rewards. 

Why is MoveGB crowdfunding?

We’re just at the very beginning of our journey to cement Move as the service the world trusts to look after our health and happiness. This year we received investment of £4.25m from professional investors to accelerate growth. We’re so grateful to our community that we wanted to offer you the chance to own a part of Move and become a shareholder so you can share in the success alongside the professional investors!

We’re growing exceptionally fast, with nearly 100% growth in members this year  - you’ve helped us get to where we are today and this is the perfect way for us to give back.

Investing will allow us to discover and help grow even more amazing businesses that get hearts pumping so an active lifestyle is easier for even more people! Move is currently just in a few cities and we plan to roll out across the rest of the UK, the EU and USA in the coming years and are excited by the huge growth potential ahead of us.

What is EIS?

As a growing startup company we are EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) qualified so if you are eligible, you can offset 30% of your investment against your income tax bill. You can read more about EIS eligibility on this Crowcube FAQ’s page.


Has the valuation been validated by professionals?

Yes. Due to our growth potential, Move attracts a lot of professional investors interest. We are pleased to say the valuation we are offering is the same as the £4.25m raised this year from professional institutional investors, Downing and Accelerated Digital Ventures.


Can I see more financial details?

Sure thing - here’s an additional supporting document. 

If you review this and still have any further questions before making your investment please email us on [email protected]

We're just thrilled that you might be keen to join us on our journey to create the world's largest active community!


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