Both MoveGB and our Move Partners do what we can to ensure that we fill all possible class slots. To show that you attended a session, you need to check in on the Move Mobile App.

Cancelling late

All classes booked in advance need to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend. Classes booked after this time will therefore not be available to cancel. If you booked your class through the app you can even just tap cancel on your booking to cancel this class up until 24 hours beforehand.

Not able to attend?

If you are still unable to make your class but did not cancel before 24 hours prior to the class starting, then unfortunately a no show fee may apply. 

No show fees are paid to the venue instead of your class price so it's not always in our control, so if you have unusual circumstances and you think we can help then please do contact our team so that we can help try to avoid no-show fees with the venue.

How much is a no-show fee?

The charge for a late cancellation or for not attending a booked session depends on the venue and will cost no more than the drop in rate of the session. 

To avoid receiving no show fees, please make sure that when you attend your class, you check in on our mobile app or mobile site. We're adding new features all the time and want to hear your feedback so please just get in touch if you have any questions! 

Move does not make any money off no-show fee's, it's a feature that lets venues choose to charge one to help them prevent empty spaces in their classes (we call it lost love!)

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