1. Instant payment with Apple and Google Pay

The easiest fastest way to checkout and get moving on the go!
This feature is only for devices which carry Apple Play and Android pay.
*Just be sure you've verified your domain with Apple Pay.

2. Upgrading to direct debit for free

Standard card transactions are fine for the odd purchase online but leave you open to a few potential annoyances such as missing payments when a card expires or is lost, being stuck at the venue when you need to make a payment because it cannot go through, banks preventing your regular fitness membership payments by mistake!

Direct debit helps improve these. It means that your payment is requested straight from your bank rather than processing your transactions through a card stored on your MoveGB page. 

The benefits of direct debit include:

  • Reliable - a percentage of online card transactions will fail. The % for direct debit is FAR lower
  • Controllable - You can set the date of the month you would like to make a payment
  • Insured - Ensures a smooth visit to paid activities in the case that your payment is declined for any reason
  • Trustworthy - Fully controlled and authorised by you
  • Never miss a payment - Email alerts for when all payments are due so that you can make sure that you have the money in your account to pay.

This is a FREE service that we offer you to help process your payments and can be set up on 2 minutes. Just tap on the image above in your Payment Details section of your Account page.

3. Adding a different payment card

To change your payment card just click the link above to visit your Account page and select the option of Add New Card under 'Payment Details'. 

Once you have added a new payment card successfully then you will have the option to remove any alternate payment card that is no longer valid.

If you have already added direct debit to your account then you will not see an option to add or view payment cards and payments will all be requested through your direct debit payment method.

Having any trouble adding a payment method?

If you need any help, please contact us straight away. We're happy to help over the phone and can update details and process payments in minutes.

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