So you like using PureGym eh! Great, so do we!

PureGym have been a valued Partner on the Move network for a while now, and they have been an awesome company to work with - providing 24 hour access and multiple locations! 

PureGym are no longer available on the Move network - this change took place on the 5th January. The good news is we have been able to secure access for all full Movers who signed up before the 5th January! They have the option to access PureGym until the end of April 2018 - via a permanent pin which can be requested below! 

Please take a few mins to read on if you have any questions :)

How do I get this access?

It's important you fill in the form below if you want to continue to have access until April. Please ensure you fill in this form ASAP. Once requested, your pin can take up to two working days to come through. 

(We really want to give more time and be more flexible but the friendly PureGym team need the details ASAP - it only takes 1 minute!)

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How does this change my access to PureGym?

In short… it doesn’t! :) You have the same access you always had, simple as that! Instead of needing to reset your PIN each time in your Move App, you’ll have a PIN that is live all the time. Lucky you!

How much will this cost?

Not a penny more, access will continue as normal with the venues included in your Move membership.

Why do you need my home gym? Can't I go to different PureGyms?

Yep you sure can! A home gym is just a term that lets traditional gym chains that also allow multi gym access monitor demand. Just think of it as your favourite gym to visit at this time and this can easily change without you needing to do anything :)

How do I book classes at PureGym with my access?

From the 5th January, to book classes, simply visit the pure gym site and log in with your details to view class timetables and reserve your space if booking is available.

How will I receive the new pin? 

You’ll be sent your new PIN by SMS and email as soon as it is ready and it will remain live, no need to reset it each time.

Will it be a different PIN to the one I already have?

Yep the new PIN you are sent may be different to your current one, or it may be the same depending on what info PureGym already have linked with your account.

What if I want to deactivate my account in a few months? 

That is absolutely fine, with Move you can deactivate your account at any time. If you deactivate your Move account, your PureGym PIN will be deactivated too. If you just need to take a break then just contact us to freeze your account instead or freeze it in the settings on your App, this will keep your PIN live.

What will happen after April?

As it stands, this method will only allow us to secure you access until the end of April, so we’ll be sending you out further info on if and how we’ll be able to continue your access after April.

Due to a change in management at PureGym, they are revising how they operate with third parties. This means that they are not accepting new MoveGB members and have requested to cease access for existing members at the end of April 2018. 

Giving you the widest variety of access to the venues that keep you active is our mission and we make all of our decisions here thinking about how we can provide you that service, because we know that variety works! We’ll be doing everything we can to continue to provide this service for you. 

With now over 3,500 venues included in a Move Membership across the UK (and some exciting new gym chains coming on board soon!) we’re confident that we can continue to grow this service for you and as an early member in our mission we’ll be keeping you included all the way! 

Thanks for your support! Our journey together is 1% complete!

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