If you have seen a charge on your payment history (this can be found on your My-Account page) for attending an activity then the reason why will be one of these below...

1. You are on a Pay as you Move Passport

On the plan at £1.25 per week you do not get any activities included in your plan. Instead you just pay the PAYM rate shown on the activity on your MoveGB page

2. You have attended over your activity alowance for the week

You can view the number of activities remaining for the week in your membership plan on your My Account page. Your week runs from Monday to Sunday and refreshes your count first thing on Monday morning. 

If you are on an unlimited plan, please remember that a fair usage policy of 7 activities included per week applies so you will just pay for any activities attended after 7 have been recorded each week.

3. You have attended an activity that has a premium charge

Activities can have a premium charge if they are not included in your membership plan. The premium charge for an activity is shown on the activity when you search on your MoveGB page and at the time of booking if bookable online.

CLICK HERE to go to your favourites to see the activities that you have added and the charge will display on the activity information. 

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