On your activity search, all activities have their own attendance instructions.
It will either show as 'Book' or 'Just Drop In' on the right hand side.

Simply click it to see your screen pop up with detailed instructions! 

For 'Just Drop In' sessions you just turn up and check in upon arrival.
For activities that require you to 'Book' they will either be our 'Concierge Booking Service' or 'Instant Book' ! Occasionally you may see a venue where you'll need to 'Call to Book' but if so we've provided the number for you.

If you're on a trial with us, you'll even see some activities available to 'Discover' or try out on your trial.

If you'd like to see a map and find out more info on the activity just click on the activity name on the search and this will take you through to the activity information page.

Booking in classes on the go is even easier with our Mobile App! 

Simply download the MoveGB app, get searching, and follow the same booking instructions! 

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